Jan's international core duo with Polish pianist from a collaboration over several years featuring virtuoso keyboards, passionate saxophone and textural rhythms. Their duetting also finds larger settings in trios and quartets as in their recent 2012 Polish tour

JAN KOPINSKI saxophones (UK)
WOJCIECH KONIKIEWICZ piano/keyboards (Poland)

Jan first worked with Wojciech whilst touring Poland with PINSKI ZOO in the 80’s. They subsequently recorded an album, ZONE K, together with former Pinski Zoo drummer, the late Steve Harris (UK), and furthered their musical relationship with tours in the UK and Poland.

Warsaw pianist/composer, Wojciech Konikiewicz has a wide musical palette. He is a musician who has worked tirelessly in Warsaw leading numerous groups and writing and performing for film, TV, chamber and sacral work. He has toured extensively in Poland, Europe, Mexico, Japan, India, South Korea and the USA

He has played all the major festivals and clubs in Poland and his Tribute to Miles Orchestra, was released on Warner Bros. He met Jan on Pinski Zoo’s early Polish tours, during the heightened political situation in the late eighties, joining them on their album .Live in Warsaw ( which also featured Asian Dub Foundation’s creator, Dr Das!), and the two have since toured and recorded together, in the UK and in Poland, playing in duos trios and quartets.

As part of a commission received by Jan, to document, compose and record his composition, MIRRORS, he toured with Wojtek as a duo performing and filming in more remoter regions of Poland, with concerts from Warsaw to Przemysl.

."A high energy set from a trio of innovatory musicians " -
Jazz Journal





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“Kopinski is in spellbindingly authoritative form here” JAZZ REVIEW

or Jan Kopinski


The original concept of ZONE K was to allow a flexible size small group from duos, trios and quartets; mostly it is the trio form with which Jan and Wojtek continue to develop their collaboration. ZONE K is an exciting international group delivering a mix of jazz propulsion, folk laments, contemporary musical poise and scatter grooves. The music has a special flavour featuring original compositions and improvisations drawing on Polish and English experiences. Zone K moves from atmospheric works for film, to Coltrane inspired jazz pieces performed with virtuosity and passion.

Wojciech’s keyboards complement Jan’s emotional tenor sax style and both have an ear for working in ‘zones’ of feeling rather than structures, stretching sounds on their respective instruments - kaleidoscopic, deceptively structured and emotional.

The trio was originally formed with the late Steve Harris,and features on their first CD (ZONE K above available to buy).2015 sees the trio complemented by UK drummer Pat Illingworth,

Jan Kopinski (UK) is the long time leader of UK renowned free-funk jazz group PINSKI ZOO with a cult-like following. He has recorded 13 albums touring Europe and played at New York's Knitting Factory. He also composes and performs cross genre music to visual imagery, including MIRRORS supported by Opera North. Frequent trips researching and playing in Poland brought him together with Wojtek Konikiewicz and they continue their collaboration inZONE K recording and touring the UK and in Poland .

Wojtek Konikiewicz
(Poland) is a Warsaw pianist and composer with a wide musical palette. He has played around the world from US to S.Korea. He has played with most of Poland's legendary players and in Poland's troubled times was instrumental in forming Free Cooperation a jazz collective, and he is the leader od Tribute to Miles Davis Orchestra.His various albums testify to his wide interests, from acoustic folk inspired jazz to electronic soundscapes. He has toured Poland and UK with Jan several times and Zone K emerged from their mutual ties.

Pat Illingworth (UK) is a vibrant UK drummer, now based in London. His fluent, musical style and feirce grooves are brilliant in this trio. His playing with bands from Hugh Masakela, Marcus Miller, Pinski Zoo, Zoe Rahman to Jerry Dammers show his depth and imagination which ignites ZONE K's improvising style. Pat has toured around the world from the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Middle East, Brazil to USA .