A concert of cross genre-music and waking-dream images of Poland

Semi improvised scores and video projections mixed live -
6 musicians and 1 video artist in an exciting, widely dynamic programme

"It is immensely evocative".. - allaboutjazz.com
"Highly recommended".. - BBC Music Magazine








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.."a consistently affecting but powerful album from one of the UK's most distinctive composing musicians"- LondonJazz



1. Mirrors (listen to extract)
2. Folk House (listen to extract)
3. Church Cow (listen to extract)
4. River
5. Palace of Culture
6. Rotunda
7. The Great Bear
8. Cornfield
9. Family Song



Melanie and Janina feature in this live performance of Folk House







MIRRORS is Jan's latest commissioned project combining music and visual imagery in an exciting performance with his new collective outfit, REFLEKTOR, specialising in works linked to projected visuals.
MIRRORS sees Jan's new compositions shaped by visual elements, using jazz and improvisation to create a highly personal reflection upon a world of dislocation, memory and transition.
Commissioned by Opera North to work with voice, the music also explores impressions of folk, religious and contemporary music that so beguiled modern Polish composers such as Szymanowski. For MIRRORS he has collaborated with video artist Jim Boxall who works with REFLEKTOR to manipulate and weave an intriguing and original experience Prompted by ideas of identity and loss, MIRRORS is Jan's musical reflections upon themes of displacement, belonging and diffused memory. The images are collected from his visits to Poland over 20 years and the music is developed from stories, folk music, jazz and 20th century Polish composers. As Poland rolls sideways into the global culture, there are moments when historical and cultural perceptions becomes blurred from reality into dream.
Whilst MIRRORS is determinately based on Polish impressions, it's not a travelogue and transcends the particular to explore those moments of hovering reality, in and out of sleep, when emotions, fears, nostalgia and sentiment speak very clearly..

Mirrors - Jan Kopinski's Reflektor

















Listen to Jan talk about MIRRORS.
New Territories 2007 Podcast

You can hear an interview with Jan Kopinski from this podcast for the National Review of Live Art 2007, Glasgow. Jan talks about how MIRRORS came about and some of the ideas behind the
NRLA2007Archive go to National Review of Live Art
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Jan performs solo tenor sax using electro-acoustic techniques to The Great Bear, filmed in Poland
video-mix JOY OF BOX











For some concerts we are joined by Aniko Toth,a singer of Hungarian origins steeped in a background of European folk and Art song, to perform the vocal parts for MIRRORS




Aniko Toth